Deitch Projects
(1996 – 2010)

In the course of fourteen years in New York’s Soho arts’ district, Deitch Projects completely reconfigured people’s expectations about art. Its founder Jeffrey Deitch was already a well-known art advisor, curator and critic when in 1996 he decided to open his own gallery, where he remained committed to the populist and irreverent impulses of the 1970s and 80s. Visitors to Deitch Projects could always count on being both challenged and entertained.

A good example of Deitch’s approach to art was his first curatorial venture, Lives: Artist Who Deal With Peoples’ Lives (Including Their Own) As The Subject And/Or The Medium Of Their Work (1975). With an emphasis on real-world experiences, and his belief that living could be an art form in itself, the artists explored ethnic and gender issues, as well as, different ways of meshing art and real life. Working with diverse groups of artists each with their own concerns, Deitch Projects presented performance art, environments, multi-media, as well as traditional painting and sculpture.

Deitch Projects closed in 2010 when Jeffrey Deitch was appointed director of the LA Museum of Contemporary Art. But the history of the gallery lives on in the Deitch Projects Exhibition Archives 1996-2010, as well as through the cards and flyers created for each exhibition.

From the Collection